Acne Program

Consult Only - $75

- We will go over the information you give us, your sensitivities and allergies and what triggers your breakouts and we will talk about diet and lifestyle habits.
- We will talk about how you are treating your acne and what makeup products you put on your skin.
- We will do a thorough skin analysis, determine what type of acne you suffer from and talk about what acne products you use and whether you are on any prescription medication. 
- I will discuss how the process of the Acne Program can help you get to your goal of clear skin, we will talk about why a bi-weekly in-office treatment and/or extraction is an integral part of the clearing process, explain the need for adjustments to product usage while in the program and assess your skin every visit to make sure it is in its ideal environment for product penetration.

Acne Consult with Initial Treatment - $95

- We will provide every step of the Consult and test your tolerance to acne products based on your acne type. Your first treatment may be a hydrating enzyme, or a chemical peel, and if needed, extractions done. 
- You will get a packet of information explaining the acne-clearing program in detail, It will have step-by-step instructions on what and how to use products correctly. It is important that you use the products as instructed, as we specifically designed it for your type of acne. We will start your usage slowly as your skin needs to adapt to the regimen and be responsive.
- Your progress will be closely monitored to make sure that the home regimen is adhered to, supplemental products may be added or adjusted accordingly.
- Pictures will be taken to monitor progress to the program.

Acne  Treatments (Bi-weekly) -$85

- Your visits will include an enzyme mask with steam or corrective peel to help enhance your home regimen. Individualized treatment will include extractions on your impactions and a high frequency tool may be used to help in healing.
- From your first consult (2 weeks), we will modify your home care and make adjustments to product usage and schedule so that your skin does not over-adapt and stop responding. This method is critical as we want to avoid the skin being too irritated and become dehydrated. The last thing we want is to impede your progress by your skin hitting a plateau and stop responding to the home regimen.
- It typically takes about 6-8 treatments over a 3-4 month period to get you mostly cleared. We are partners in the process of  controlling your acne and it therefore calls for your firm adherence to the home regimen, diet and lifestyle modifications and consistent in-office treatments. 
-Typically, inflamed acne clears sooner than non-inflamed. 
 Back Acne Treatment - $105
This treatment includes gentle buffing with exfoliating gloves, steam, extraction (when needed), masque and an ultra-hydrating moisturizer. You will find it a truly exhilarating, feel-good, stress-reducing treatment. When home care and practice of good hygiene/grooming habits are consistent, one will see significant progress in clearing back acne. 
Face and Back Acne Treatment  Combo - $145 (a savings of $45)
We start treatment on the back as described above, and do the facial acne treatment next. This combination treatment is a money and time saving protocol for you. Please make sure your schedule allows you to spend more time with us when booking this appointment.
Note that skin on our back is tougher than our facial skin that it can handle a more aggressive protocol, thus exfoliating gloves may be used albeit, gently.
*Products for home regimen are not included in the treatment. Expect to pay about $150-$175 (plus tax), for the first set of acne products purchased, at your first appointment. 
*We do not offer treatments/extractions to clients or sell “actives” (exfoliates, serums) who are not on the Acne Program.
*Without a 24-hour notice for missed or cancelled appointments, a bill/charge of $50 will be incurred by client.
*No-shows are billed/charged for the service appointment value.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary, dependent on strict adherence to the whole program and type of acne, but typically take 3-4 months.

Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only
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Tuesday9:30AM - 5:30PM
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*Acne and Non-acne treatments offered by appointment only. Reach Out By Calling